What’s trending in home décor?

If you ever looked at how trends come and go, you will know that they don’t pop from anywhere. A trend is an ‘answer to’ or a ‘push against’.

So, for the most part we are still very much trying to ‘clean our homes’ from the 2000s. But that doesn’t mean we are not looking into the future. We are not at the ‘flying cars’ stage of décor but you can definitely notice the vibes for bringing technology not only into our homes, but also décor.


Minimalism is one of the grassroots trends that have swept over the Western world. While the idea of stocking up your home is still very prominent, minimalism is a push against that.

But it’s more than that.

Many of us live chaotic lives and are in desperate need of finding piece. So, minimalism is a logical answer to this problem.

The main trend in minimalism is decluttering your life, your home and your mind. Take one room and get rid of everything you haven’t used. It’s a great practice of emotional detachment from the stuff we own – phones, books, clothes, everything. Throw it away or give it to someone.

What you do want to achieve in your home is clear, warm-colored walls and spaces. A home that helps you keep calm and relax.

Robot Revolution

These past years have been breakthrough years for smart home technologies. From smart bulbs to voice commands (Alexa, Google Assistant).

And that is also something people are crazy about in terms of home decor. It is not quite minimalism decor, but it’s about bright, neatly ordered rooms with lots of space.

Green Spaces

home decor

This trend has been there for quite some time. But again, we find out more about how corporations treat animals and crops, what’s being put into our food and a natural reaction is to counteract that by growing our own.

You will find green spaces in restaurants, government buildings as well as apartment homes. And if you think you need a lot of space to grow vegetables at home – just look at vertical garden. You can do a lot even in a square meter.