Why Should You Care About Trends

I never understood fashion trends. I know, given my interest in decor, it doesn’t connect. But whenever I saw fancy or, more like, out of this world outfits I had a hard time imagining what will ever be its use.  

But then Devil Wears Prada  explained it perfectly. It makes sense that trends take time until they snowball to the general population. What is hard to to use now, fits much better in a couple of years.  

Home decor trends 

In fashion, not every trend is worthy of following. Sometimes the designer is simply looking to make a name for themselves. Luckily, home decor is not that complicated.  

You either like it, or you don’t. You either see a use for it today, or you don’t.  


Granted, home decor is not the only industry that has this feature. Think about cars, sports tactics, even best slots sites. Trends come and go. Only the best ones stay and make an impact.  

And the thing that defines what stays and what goes? The people. Instead of the rich and the famous, it is the people that will decide which trends become the best.  

Even if you don’t have a say in the global market of house decor trends, you very much have a choice in your household.   

Style versus function 

Next time you are looking to change something around your house, you will have a choice between style and function.  

We all love when our homes look beautiful. But here’s a trend if I ever saw one – beauty trends are extremely hard to follow. Not to say they change every year. Function, however, is always useful to look for. It’s a way to make your life easier by also keeping your home fresh and modern.  

It’s not about finding out something revolutionary. Most of it you probably already know. But following the trends shows you how you can combine the old and the new. To make it better. Faster. Easier.  

I personally fell in love with all the furniture that changes form. Shelves that become tables. Beds that hide in the wall. That sort of stuff. When every square foot is important, these are life saving features. Plus, you have to see your neighbor’s face when you show them these ‘transformers’. Priceless.  

Besides, if you like DIY, find the blueprints and due it yourself.