Interesting wall decorations for a few euros

Just templates, paint pencil, color papers, stickers or old ball deodorant, and you’ll be reviving the wall for a while. Those who are afraid can choose everything in their artistic needs. More brave templates and stickers are made by themselves.

Decorating patterns work well on large surfaces, in small rooms, rather than on pure walls. But before you go into any decoration, think about whether the new paintwork will benefit directly from the wall. Templates in several ways

A simple aluminium or home-made paper template can be used in combination with highlighters, crayons or chalks. Place the motif’s placement in front of the wall, or place it in a weak, ordinary pencil or piece of tape to mark the selected places directly on the wall.

Metal and plastic templates

Metal and plastic templates can be found in art shops or cut out of hard paper; the motif is easily transferred to the wall.

wall cheap decoration

You simply draw the templates on the wall, of course the contours are the most outstanding in contrasting colours. For example, a white varnish pencil on a dark wall, like the opening photo, is impressive. The lacquer pencil with acrylic fill offers 2 to 3 euros in art supplies in a variety of shades. If you do not have a simple outline, the motifs may overlap or may be coloured.

A special template is a so-called spirographic wing with holes around which the wing is rotated and its drawing at different angles with the motifs begin to overlap. If you do not dare to plot the motif directly on the wall, or you want to be able to decorate it at any time, create it as an image.

Leave the Mdf board to the desired size, apply the selected shade to the mord and use the spirograph wings and white pencil to create the desired pattern

Make the mdf board in the hobby market cut to the desired size, and stick two strips on the back of the hob to make it look beautiful from the wall. Then apply the face to the water-thinable stain and let it dry. On your own theme, use the pencil again.

Ball deodorant for individualists

The ball can be painted on the wall with completely free motives. To avoid the colour being too thin, add a piece of glue to the paint, then the colour will be pleasantly viscous.

Ball deodorant painting is far from perfect for anyone, and in any case, offers maximum freedom. Just empty the deodorant package and select the acrylic colour shade. In order not to be too thin and not sticking down the wall, a small trick can be used; add one piece of adhesive and two parts of water to five parts of the paint. With this viscous material, you fill the can and you can go into free creations. The money you save can be used for your deposits when spins for free here runs out.

The walls can even be watered

Cut the final width of the border on the wall with a painting tape, stick the paper patterns, and after the adhesive has dried, tighten the overlays of the patterns with a white pencil, they will be more plastic.

You create a multi-coloured border, just cut out large squares and rectangles from glossy coloured paper and paste them with wallpaper glue on the wall. First, define the bottom and top edges of the border with adhesive tape. When the glue dries, you can still draw a pattern with a white pencil that will give the overall motif more depth.

Wall decals with picture motives will be appreciated by the children. For parents it is a pleasant surprise that they can be bought in bright and very decent design, even large format. Wall stickers are made of self-adhesive paper or vinyl foil and you can find them in hobby markets and the internet. As opposed to painting, they have the advantage of being able to collapse from the wall at any time.

diy furniture

Tinting paint can be painted on the wall, for example, a strip of lawn, then a smaller brush to soak the stalks of grass and stems of flowers and finally stick the stickers on a dry wall.

But you can combine artfully the paintings and stickers, as in the case of a children’s room in the picture. There, there was a piece of grass in the green tinting colour, so that cows, sheep, rabbits and flowers could get a solid ground beneath their feet. Then the stalks of grass and stems of flowers grew on him. And once the colour has dried out, the animal motifs stickers have to be gradually withdrawn from the carrier foil and glued to the wall.

For larger self-adhesive motifs, work is required carefully and accurately. Large self-adhesive motifs are not just the cheapest, and if you make a mistake when you make a mistake, you will regret that you did not give advice first.