Bohemian style for your home

So, you were looking for a decor style for your home and have settled on bohemian? I can’t blame you – if it’s done right, it looks really, really good. As ‘bohemian’ means unconventional, people see it as having no rules.

And that’s why it is easy to fall into a trap of ‘anything goes in Bohemia’.

Firstly, bohemia is about finding order in chaos. Not conforming to the traditions is one, but doing whatever, just for the sake of it, is very different.

And secondly, it is still your home – you want everything to be easy accessible instead of building barricades. That would not be bohemia but more like hoarding.

So, here are three simple tips on how to adapt your home to bohemian style.

A Home is a Representation of You

This is a type of style where you are the master. Decide what do you want your house to tell about you? Your love for art? A passion for antiques? Here you can have anything you like. As long as you feel good, you can mix any colors, various textures and materials.

In fact, it is better to go with what you feel rather than what your hobbies and interests are. And the beauty of bohemian style is had to fit various artists under one roof. So, if you live with a partner, spouse, friends or kids, every room can be different.

Organize your chaos

Again, disorderly bohemian style is basically a dumpster with a lock. So, make sure that all of the unnecessaries are tucked away, you have clear pathways around your home and there are plenty of space.

It has nothing to do with bohemia. Simply put, a home that lacks space will mentally push its weight on you.

Don’t be afraid to explore other cultures

bohemian homes

Some of the best looking bohemian style homes we have seen had something incorporated from other cultures. Maybe you were in Southern Asia or South Africa, or the Himalayan region. People live under different and distinct circumstances.

You can incorporate these foreign styles to your home by giving it a twist of your own. Basically, you leave what you like best, be it the colors, or shapes, and then you add something from you.

Of course, there are no rules – explore. The world is your oyster, remember?